Team Dynamics

Bringing people together is what Canvas does best! Whether it’s a team-bonding boat trip, family fun-day for thousands, or a character-building workshop, breaking down barriers is the name of the game.

Engagement and interaction are crucial to business success in the modern day and we have a hundred tried, tested options for you to consider (and if none fit the bill, we’ll happily tailor-make a package to suit your brief…).

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How To: Survive the Bridesmaid Dress Dilema

As if choosing your Bridesmaids wasn’t enough of a minefield, now comes the task of choosing the dresses… First things first; choose YOUR dress. The shade of white you choose (or indeed any other colo[...]
30 July 2013

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Garden Party Fun

Top tips for Garden Party Success   Here at Canvas we are trying to make the most of the brief sunny weather by throwing garden parties. If you’re looking for more than just your average British [...]
27 June 2013

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